G20 ends with Obama and Putin sticking to their guns on Syria

The G20 summit has finished in Russia – with a clear split remaining over the issue of Syria.

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin had a 20-minute chat on the sidelines of the meeting on Friday, but both countries are sticking to their guns.

Putin says the Syrian opposition are responsible for the chemical weapons attack in August near Damascus.

Obama and French president Francois Hollande say most G20 leaders think Bashar al-Assad’s regime were behind the horrifying incident.

Putin said: “We hear one another, and understand the arguments but we don’t agree. I don’t agree with his arguments, he doesn’t agree with mine. But we hear them, try to analyse them.”

Obama, who rejected pressure to abandon plans for air strikes against Syria , said he would speak to Americans about Syria on Tuesday, as Congress considers his request for limited military action against Assad’s regime.

Away from Syria G20 leaders said the global economy was improving but it was too early to declare an end to crisis, with emerging markets facing increasing volatility.

Leaders of the G20 acknowledged the troubles faced by some emerging nations but said it was up to them, first and foremost, to put their own houses in order.

Source: euronews


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