Egypt’s military chiefs hold crisis meeting as Morsi snubs ultimatum

Egypt’s military council is currently holding a crisis meeting, military sources said on on Wednesday.

The meeting was being held hours before the expiry of a deadline set by the army for rival politicians to find a solution to the country’s political crisis. The source said the meeting was being attended by senior commanders of the armed forces.

The deadline is at 4:30 pm (1430 GMT) for Mohamed Morsi to “meet the demands of the people” — who took to the streets in their millions on Sunday demanding he go — or face army intervention.

In a response to a military ultimatum to share power with his opponents, he said he had tried such dialogue before and had been unsuccessful. But he insisted he would continue fulfilling the duties to which he had been democratically elected.

‘The people chose me in free and fair elections,” Morsi said, adding that he would “continue to shoulder his responsibilities” as Egypt struggles with the legacy of decades of authoritarian rule.

The president said that respect for the constitutional order was the “only guarantee against further bloodshed,” in a veiled attack against an ultimatum issued by the army for him to strike a deal with his opponents or have one imposed.

Opposition groups accuse Morsi of focusing on cementing Muslim Brotherhood’s grip on power and failing to improve economic and social conditions more than two years after the revolution that forced Hosni Mubarak to step down.

Source: Agencies


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