Dozens crushed in Dhaka building collapse


At least 130 people have been killed and many more are feared dead after an eight-storey building collapsed in the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A massive rescue mission is now underway as officials said on Wednesday that as many as 100 people were still trapped in the rubble.

Only the ground floor of the Rana Plaza in the Savar district, which also housed a garment factory, remained intact, said the officials.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Dhaka, who is not being named for security reasons, described the scene as being chaotic.

“It is a scene of complete mayhem and chaos, hundreds of people are trapped under the rubble and a still being pulled out,” she said.

“Many people are feared dead,” said Abul Bashar from fire service, adding that the military has been called in to help the rescue effort.

Personnel at Enam Medical College told the AFP that at least 35 people had been admitted to the hospital with injuries.

A further 150 people, most of them garment workers, received first aid at the hospital without being formally admitted.

Local police chief M Asaduzzaman told said that the situation was “disastrous and at least 100 people are feared trapped.”

Source: Agencies


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