Grenade attacks in Kenya leave many dead

Ten people have been killed and 40 wounded in simultaneous attacks on two churches in north-eastern Kenya near the Somali border, according to a police official.

Police commander Philip Ndolo said gunmen threw grenades during the attacks on Sunday.

Sunday’s attack in the normally quiet Garissa is the latest in a series that has rocked Kenya since it invaded southern Somalia last October to ‘hunt down’ al-Shabaab fighters.

Garissa is serving as a military base for operations against the Islamic resistance.

Since the dispatch of Kenyan troops to Somalia, major Kenyan cities have become the scene of violent attacks.

Meanwhile, four foreign aid workers were kidnapped at a refugee camp close to the border between Kenya and Somalia on Friday.

Kenyan authorities have blamed al-Shabaab for both the church attacks and kidnappings of the foreign aid workers.

However, an al-Shabaab official who asked to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak to the media told News 19 that the group was not responsible for the kidnappings of the aid workers at the Dadaab refugee camp.

Asked about Sunday’s attacks on the churches in Kenya, he said he was not willing to comment on it.

Source: News 19 agencies


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