Egyptian court overturns vote suspension ruling

An Egyptian man walks past posters of presidential candidates in Cairo on April 30, 2012
Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court has overturned a ruling that would have suspended the country’s upcoming presidential election and has ordered the election to be held in due time.

The decision comes only a few days after a provincial administrative court issued an order to suspend the presidential elections, scheduled to start on May 23, over a lawsuit.

The ruling came after a lawyer filed a complaint, challenging the legality of an article of the presidential elections law.

The court in Cairo ruled that the country’s election commission has exceeded its powers by calling on the voters to head to the polls on May 23.

It claimed that the date had wrongly been set by an independent electoral commission rather than by the ruling military council.

Legal experts say they expected the election to proceed as scheduled since the military council has reiterated that the presidential election will be held on time and it will transfer power to an elected president by the end of the transitional period.

Egyptians are to vote in the presidential polls on May 23 and 24 while a run-off has been planned for June 16 and 17, if necessary.

It will be the country’s first presidential race since the toppling of long-term US-backed Hosni Mubarak in a popular 2011 revolution.

Source: Press TV



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