Pakistani Taliban killed kidnapped regime soldiers

TTP fighters

The Pakistani Taliban say they have killed 16 kidnapped paramilitary soldiers who worked for the US-backed regime in Islamabad, Info Press reported.

Ahsanullah Ahsan, a spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), said on Thursday the men’s bodies were dumped in the area close to the Afghan border.

The Pakistani army said it was investigating Ahsan’s claim. But local officials confirmed to Reuters news agency that 15 bodies, with signs of torture and gunshot wounds, were found in Tal area.

The TTP spokesperson said the killings were in retaliation for the death of Qari Kamran, an important commander of Pakistani Taliban, who was killed in a recent operation by Pakistani security forces in the Kermina area, near Landikotal, of Khyber Agency bordering Afghanistan.

Qari Kamran was killed along with 12 other suspected members of the Pakistani Taliban.

Ahsan said the group will release a vidio related to the incident later.

TTP had kidnapped the soldiers on December 22 during an attack on a Pakistani security base in Malazai area of northwestern Tank district.

Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan is an umbrella organization of various resistance groups based in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas along the Afghan border in Pakistan.

Source: Info Press and agencies


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