Ethiopian invaders confirmed in Somalia

Hundreds of Ethiopian invaders have crossed a border town in neighboring Somalia in order to fight al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen, witnesses say.

Capt. Hashi Nour of the Somali military confirmed that Somali and Ethiopian forces had moved in the town of Beletweyne on Saturday.

“Sheikh Abu Mus’ab, HSM Military Spokesman, has declared a planned withdrawal from the city and Mujahideen are now surrounding the city.” al-Shabaab’s Press Office wrote on Twitter.

Following the move, hundreds of Somali residents fled the border town, some 30 km (18 miles) into Somalia, local people told Muslim Bulletin’s correspondent Ahmad Yusuf.

Ethiopian invading forces were deployed in the Hiran region of Beletweyne in November. The movement appears to be a third front against al-Shabab.

In October, Kenya dispatched its forces over its border into Somalia to pursue al-Shabab, which it accuses of being behind the kidnapping of several foreigners in its territory. Al-Shabab has denied any such involvement. Kenyan invaders are currently fighting al-Shabab in Somalia’s south.

Source: Muslim Bulletin and agencies


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