Seven foreign invaders killed in Afghanistan

US-led invaders in Afghanistan

Seven Polish invaders have been killed in a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan’s Ghazni Province, Info Press reports.

Taliban spokesman Yusuf Ahmadi said on Wednesday that the explosion happened when a bomb hit a tank carrying Polish soldiers in Ghazni city.

It was one of “the most tragic events” in the country’s mission so far, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said.

Poland has about 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan as part of the US-led occupation, which it joined in 2002.

The latest attack raised Poland’s overall death toll in Afghanistan to 36.

According to the website, the number of foreign invaders killed in Afghanistan so far this year is 554.

In other developments, NATO invaders said the US-led forces will continue nighttime attacks in Afghanistan despite widespread condemnation of the raids by Afghan people and puppet officials.

The latest of such attacks took plaice on December 17th and claimed the life of a pregnant woman and left four civilians injured in Afghanistan’s southeastern Paktia Province.

Source: Info Press and agencies


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