‘US presidential pardons favor whites’

White criminals seeking presidential pardons over the past decade have been nearly four times as likely to succeed as minorities, a ProPublica examination has found.

Blacks have had the poorest chance of receiving the president’s ultimate act of mercy, according to an analysis of previously unreleased records and related data.

Bush pardoned 189 prisoners during his two terms as president, which 179 of pardoned prisoners were white out and only seven of the pardoned applicants were black and the rest were Hispanic, Asian and Native American.

Current President of the US Barack Obama meanwhile, has pardoned 22 prisoners with only two of them being from minority races.

In multiple cases, white and black pardon applicants who committed similar offenses and had comparable post-conviction records experienced opposite outcomes.

Under the US Constitution, the President has the power to forgive prisoners with federal criminal offenses.

The review of applications for pardons is conducted almost entirely in secret, with the government releasing scant information about those it rejects.

Source: Agencies


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